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A March Madness Matchup: Law vs. Real Estate

I’m glad I became a lawyer.  Ever since high school I’ve wanted to help clients resolve their legal disputes.  Working with the law and with clients in need can be very satisfying.  But once in a while I find myself appreciating the benefits of other walks of life.  This is one of those times.

We are deep into March Madness.  This year it’s crazier than usual.  Three Kansas teams made the tournament including local favorite the Wichita State Shockers, happy to be in as a 9-seed.  As they go up against Pitt in their first game, I’m at my desk preparing for a court hearing, and occasionally checking ESPN on the net to see how the Shockers are doing.   Meanwhile, my brother-in-law is in Salt Lake City with his family cheering them on in person.  He’s a huge Shocker fan.  And he’s in real estate. 

It’s a big Shocker win, but next up is #1 seed Gonzaga.  At least I’m not at my office on Saturday night and I watch the Shockers on TV as they take down the Zags—arguably the biggest win in school history.  My brother-in-law, the one in real estate, is there in person with the Shockers making that history.  I’m happy for him.

Then everyone is pumped for the Shockers in the Sweet Sixteen in LA to take on red-hot LaSalle.  It’s a night game so even though I’m late at the office working on a pleading that has to be filed the next day (defending some clients who are in real estate), I’m home in time to see the Shockers dismantle their opponents.  Great fun to watch on TV.  My brother-in-law is there in person again.   He’s found ways to deal with his real estate from a distance.  A newspaper article the next day about Wichitans who made the trip has a fan photo of one of our prominent real estate agents, who, needless to say, is also in real estate.

Then my family gathers around the TV again, sure that our cheers are helping the Shockers defeat 2-seed Ohio State and get to the Final Four for the first time in almost 50 years!  Great family fun.  But I suppose the cheers from the fans there in person helped even more, since the team could actually hear them.  Those folks in real estate can really raise the roof.

In a few days the team will head to Atlanta for the Final Four.  My family and I will be cheering on the Shockers from back here, doing our best to will them to a win over Louisville.  If they beat the Cardinals it will definitely be the biggest win in school history.  My brother-in-law will be there in person, along with a number of others who, like him, are in real estate.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I regret my choice of a career.  The law is my calling and it suits me just fine–despite being tied to my office and schedules set by the court.  And I hope I don’t sound envious, because I’m glad I became a lawyer.  But I have developed a new appreciation for some of the benefits of a career in real estate.

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  1. Monte, Glad to know you have an appreciation for the real estate profession. Anytime you are ready to change, come on down. I must admit, I have seen your car at the office rather late these days. Oh, wait a minute, if I am seeing your car there and it is late, I must be there late also. Oh, the life of a real estate agent. Oh, and this weekend starts Parade of Homes. I will miss part of the game, even on television. Oh, the life of a real estate agent.

    Thanks for your blog post. It was very entertaining and I did enjoy it. Enjoy the game.

  2. Yes Monte, I can appreciate your viewpoint while I am here at the office @ 7:45 pm….. trying to wrap it up soon and go home as it is getting dark. Team conference starts back here in the morning at 7:00 a.m. (we get to ‘sleep in’ as every other week it starts at 6:30 a.m.). Even though my paperwork is not done I put off the non-priority stuff for this weekend, when I will catch up. Although some of my paperwork can be done at home, I have not yet found a way to treat my patients remotely. Perhaps that is why we are so busy and have a waiting list for new Medicare patients. At least I don’t yet have to be concerned about my job being outsourced to India or China! Thanks.

  3. Good story Monte.
    I too have chosen a profession that keeps me tied to my desk and computer. I start work at 6:00am. Even though I do get off a 2:00pm, you would think I would have so much relaxing time on my hands.

    No, at 2:00pm I get to start my other full time job, being a single parent. As Mom, I get to meet the girls at home after school, there is homework, housework, dinner to plan and cook, a Girl Scout meeting to plan and facilitate, volleyball practice and/or game, dogs to walk, circuit training at the gym, a yard to mow, plants to water, teachers meeting, Girl Scout Leader meetings, bible study, garage sale to coordinate, neighbors mail and paper to collect, office walls to paint, carpets to clean. Whoo, I’m exhausted, maybe I will stay at work a little longer just to get some rest. haha.

    Your analogy may be why I am still waiting on a returned call from my Real Estate Agent. She just might be with the Smiths at the big Game.

    Go Shockers!!


  4. Then there is retail. No schedule of customers/clients come in, long hours at an attractive low pay. That being said the friendships with customers out weighs it all. What fun it has been discussing the Shocks going to the Final Four! Wait, maybe you should go into retail. Nah, you are way too smart. Have fun watching the Shockers.

  5. Monte! This Jayhawk lawyer has traveled to 5 Final Fours, countless Regionals, and multiple early rounds! You must MAKE the time!

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