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Resolving Disputes–It’s Not Rocket Science

Shuttle launchDoes it surprise you that someone who has dedicated his career to resolving disputes would use a phrase to imply that it’s easy? I hope so, because resolving disputes can be frustratingly difficult. But I stand by that statement—it’s not rocket science.

Usually when people use that phrase, they mean that something is easy. So they compare it to something that is the opposite of easy. Rocket science is the opposite of easy. It took brilliant scientists and engineers to develop the principles of rocketry. And it took large teams of them, using extensive resources, to apply those principles to successfully put satellites in orbit, men on the moon, rovers on Mars, and achieve up-close views of Pluto and beyond.

But despite its complexity, rocket science has an advantage over resolving disputes. It is a science. It deals with the principles of physics, which determine how things move in the natural world, everywhere, every day. As scientists figured out those principles, they had something definite they could work with to accomplish those amazing feats. Continue Reading