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Appreciating Our Constitution

English: Signature of Benjamin Franklin.
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Today, September 17, is Constitution Day, recognizing its signing at the Constitutional Convention on this date 227 years ago. We shouldn’t idolize it as a perfect document, because it wasn’t. And even after 27 amendments I think most people would say it still isn’t perfect.

Benjamin Franklin gave these concluding remarks at the end of a difficult convention: “There are several parts of this Constitution which I do not at present approve, but I am not sure I shall never approve them.” He said he would accept the Constitution, “because I expect no better and because I am not sure that it is not the best.”

Our Constitution has been through some very challenging times, but it has held up well and has provided a good framework for us to live within and for our nation to prosper.

So I want to express my appreciation for the work of the founders and all those over the years who have worked to uphold it and improve it. We all enjoy the benefit of that work. Let’s continue that work in our own time and by our own efforts.

5 Responses to Appreciating Our Constitution

  1. This would have been an opportunity to mention the recent book by Former Supreme Court Justice Stevens in which he cites six amendments he would like to see changed.

  2. Monte, wonderful to see your post today in a time where many people are no longer allowed to wave the American flag, wear patriotic clothing, etc. due to the PC police. I’ve been all over the world and have witnessed the suppression of those outside our country. It’s when you’re standing on that foreign ground that you realize just how wonderful America is! Great to see!

  3. The constitution is just a framework for governance. People of integrity are why we are the United States of America, and the future is held with the ethical choices we all face each day. I believe our future is strong as we all have the power of choice to be better citizens, to lead by example, and to teach others this fundamental value.

    • Agreed, David. The character of our citizens has been key to determining the country we have become, and will be just as important in determining our future as well–for better or worse.

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