Legal Commentary by Monte Vines

Welcome to A Law Blog

This blog compiles commentary of Monte Vines, of the Adams Jones Law Firm, P.A. of Wichita, Kansas, on a variety of legal topics.

My law practice focuses on the resolution of disputes, whether in the context of formal court litigation or informally without the need for a lawsuit.  The disputes I handle are primarily over business and commercial matters, real estate problems, trust or estate issues, and other general civil law matters. So some of these short articles will address dispute resolution generally or deal with disputes in one of these areas.

Disputes are a fact of everyday life.  People deal with them in various ways.  But a serious dispute can be a serious problem and getting it resolved well can be of great benefit to the people or companies involved.

I hope you find these articles valuable as you deal with the disputes you face, or if I’ve addressed some aspect of the law that interests you.

Feel free to respond with your comments, and thanks for visiting this blog.

–Monte Vines